Adzohu - Formats of Performances and Workshops

Adzohu presents performances and workshops in a variety of formats, for schools, community groups, festivals, and concerts.


Adzohu performs traditional music from the Ewé, Ga, Ashanti, and Dagarti peoples of Ghana, and the Ijaw of Nigeria, as well as original songs by palm wine guitarist Ko Nimo. Concert performances can draw on any or all of these traditions.

The number of performers can vary according to the needs of the client. We can provide a variety of performance configurations, from duets to eight piece dance presentations. Performances incorporating the music of many traditions may require a greater number of performers, since different members specialise in different traditions.


Adzohu regularly presents workshops for schools, festivals and corporate bodies. Instructors can tailor the content and instructional style to match the backgrounds and abilities of participants, and the outcomes requirements of the workshop.

Adzohu can provide a package which meets your needs and budget. Please contact Adzohu to discuss your requirements and for details of pricing.

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