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Research Activities

Dr Jeff Pressing went to the United States to study Anlo-Ewe music and dance with C.K. Ladzekpo.
Dr Pressing went to Ghana and Nigeria.
Chris Lesser and Tom Fryer went to Ghana to study Asanté kete and adowa and Dagarti xylophone music. They established contacts with master musicians Ko Nimo and Kojo Noah Owusu.
Chris Lesser received $6000 from the Australia Council to conduct a field trip to Ghana. He studied further with Ko Nimo and Noah Owusu,and established contacts at the University of Accra and the National Dance Company of Ghana.
David Rodger went to South Africa, where he met and consulted with ethnomusicologists Andrew Tracey and Paul Rommelaer, and recorded traditional Xhosa and Chopi music.
Members of Adzohu toured Ghana, learning and performing traditional music.
Chris Lesser returns to Ghana with to undertake further study at the Agoro Centre in Cape Coast and with Ko Nimo in Kumasi.

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