Adzohu - Ghanaian Music and Dance

Adzohu is a Melbourne-based ensemble of performers specialising in traditional West African music and dance, and seeking to make these art forms accessible to Australian audiences. The group comprises professional artists from Australia and Ghana, and has been operating for twenty years. Over that time, Adzohu has formed a pool of musicians who have come to love the music and dance of West Africa. The continuing existence and work of Adzohu has been a labour of love of its members, each of whom brings a wealth of musical knowledge and practice. Adzohu is now a vehicle for cultural convergence whose social influence has spread far and wide, often touching people's lives in profound ways.

The music and dance mainly comes from the Ewé and Asanté (Ashanti) peoples of Ghana, with additional material from the Ga-Adangme and Dagarti of Ghana and the Ijaw of Nigeria. Adzohu uses traditional instruments and costumes in exciting and dynamic performances that remain faithful to the original cultures.

Adzohu has forged links with respected musicians and teachers, including Ko Nimo and Nii Tettey Tetteh. The group now performs a number of Ko's songs.

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